domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

What do you need before going to India

Tourist Visa: India will NOT arrange a visa on arrival for most countries.
They are trying to start a 30 days visa on arrival on 2014 (already for some countries is available).
For normal tourist visa, you must apply for it couple of weeks before departure (depens the country) inform yourself . If you are already travelling, getting an Indian visa in a muslim country is difficult or imposible, wathever they swear to you. Countries like Pak, Bangla, Sri Lanka are a pain in the ass when trying to get an Indian visa, also Malasya or Indonesia. It is much better to try in Thailand, Vietnam or Nepal.

Every year Visa process goes one step beyond.
Now, and online aplication must be filled, a payment in a bank account (depends the country you are), and then go with 2 white background passport photos, a photocopy of your passport, payment proval, and the filled online form.
It should take at least 5 working days.

Bank account with a debit card (ATMs in India accept debit cards as visa electron in major Indian Banks inside India). Bring two debit cards (as the risk to lose or damage (unmagnet) one is real), or one credit and one debit. 200$ cash can be helpfull if you get stolen to get to your embassy and survive a week.


How to get transfered money in India if your credit or debit card are stolen o missing....:

Money gram or western union are located in India. The problem starts after you send the money and wants to recive in india. Wester union use to do a worse exchange rate and illigally charge you a second fee in Indian office. At least I saw it twice there. You should be able to transfer money from your bank account in Chile to a bank account in India with less comission. Less than 10% loss is aceptable. More is not. In India HDFC bank is available as in many countries, so maybe you can open a bank account to transfer money from another country.

Insurance (if you wish)

Plane ticket.

Vaccines: Take them in advance, start with HepatA-B a couple of months before flying. Tifus, Tetanus-Difteria, Polio, Rabies...
Yellow fever is theorically mandatory for the SouthAmerican and African residents in yellow fever countries, bring your vaccination litle book with the yellow fever stamped prove in it.
European countries or North american countries don´t need this vaccination to enter India, unless a stamp of one of this countries is in the passport in the last 2 months, specially if you visited tropical jjungle areas.

Check all this out before departure.

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